We have loved our sessions with Julie. In just two sessions we have seen so much improvement in loose leash walking (Zimba would pull my arm off). He engages with us a lot more and keeps his focus on us when out and about.

Julie has a wonderful way with dogs and their owners with very practical tips that are easy to follow. We wish we had just found Julie earlier. The investment with Julie has paid off heaps.

Anu, Seacliff Park



Outstanding practical day to day ways to train and interact with your dog. Julie was so helpful with our beagle and we are now on the path to having control and lots of fun. Thank you Julie. We would not hesitate to recommend.

Tamara & Bill, South Brighton




I found Julie to be amazing with our little boy "Frank", calm and very informative. We have learnt so much in two sessions and  would highly recommend Simple Steps for your puppy training.

Marcia, Seaview Downs.



The training was really fun and knowledgeable. Julie made it seem so easy and provided us with techniques we use to carry on training by ourselves. My twin 9 year olds have been able to follow the techniques to now have confidence in continuing the training.

Richard, Hackham



We used Simple Steps Dog Training and are very happy with the results. Digger's dad had a bad foot and couldn't walk him with the way he was pulling all the time. We've seen a definite improvement and his dad can now walk him every day except Sunday's so they can both have the day off!

Jan and Barry, Sheidow Park


(See video of Digger before and after Simple Steps training on 'Video' page).




Simple Steps Dog Training gave me the simple tools to use to help train our very energetic 6 month old Aussie. I wish I had called earlier.

Kelly, Reynella





'Simple Steps' is a different approach to training, Julie has a brilliant manner and explains it in a way that is clear and easy to understand. The light bulb came on and I now have a better relationship with Bessie which has made training a lot easier with her being much more cooperative' .

Marcella, Trott Park



Julie has been helping me with Albi for the past couple of week's and we have seen a massive improvement in Albi's behaviour in that time.

Albi was so difficult to walk as he was focused on everything around him instead of me but since working with Julie, not only has Albi's attention moved more to me, I am now enjoying taking Albi for walks again.

I finally feel confident that I can control him. Thank you so much Julie.

Jeanette, Sheidow Park



Julie has worked wonders for our very sociable, energetic puppy! Mitzi is an 8 month old spoodle who absolutely loves to play with anyone and everything. We were having problems with her 'listening ears' and found she would run off and not come back, often resulting in a race to catch her.

We have been working on her coming back, staying and running to us when she is distracted and even after two sessions with Julie, she has cottoned on.

Julie is a loving person who obviously adores dogs and I would recommend her if you need help with your fur baby.

Thank you Julie.


Maria, Hallett Cove



Genevieve used to pull on the lead and try and cross over in front of me on walks, wanting to walk where she wanted to and I was worried I would trip over her one day. After having the one visit from Julie of Simple Steps, Genevieve has stopped pulling on the lead and is happy to walk where I want to, no longer trying to cross over in front of me, highly recommended.


Chloe, Flagstaff Hill




Bailey and I found Julie friendly and approachable. Julie gave great tips for me to help Bailey learn and pick up things quickly. I would recommend Julie to anyone. Loved the one on one training.


Julie, O’Halloran Hill



I love the gentle training method, its really worked extremely well with my Malamute. She was so uncontrollable it was almost at the level that I was thinking I'd have to get rid of her because of her jumping up at everyone. This behaviour has vastly improved in such a short time.


Joyce, Trott Park




Thank you Julie for helping me with Samasama. In the two hours we've spent with Julie i feel that me and Sama have grown immensely together. The training although simple and to the point has had a positive effect on how Sama and I interact. She is now responsive to my commands and we have learnt how easy it can be to be trained. I would recommend any puppy/beginner to use Julie's services. 

Ben, Reynella






Very simple but effective training techniques. Barney responded so well and loves to be trained now.

Thank you so much Julie.


Terry and Karen, Hallett Cove




Thank you Julie, I needed a refresher and you have given me more focus and control over my two little monkeys.


Debby, Sheidow Park



From the first training session, Julie provided fun and engaging ways to positively reward the behaviours we wanted to see. Diesel quickly responded, making progress from day one! Sometimes all it takes is a few simple steps to change unwanted behaviour, making life with your pooch so much more enjoyable. I would happily recommend Julie.

Susan, Happy Valley



Myself and Brandon really enjoyed training Tweed with Julie. The training was so simple to follow and Tweed responded so well. 

Jenna and I would recommend Julie for anyone looking to train their dog of any age as our dog Tweed is 5 years old and we found the training very valuable and seemless. We are very greatful that we found Julie and would highly recommend her.

Jenna and Brandon, Happy Valley




Julie has done WONDERS with Blossom. She is patient and consistent, engages beautifully with the dog and gives clear and easy to follow instructions. Blossom was immediately engaged, enjoys her training and has come along in leaps and bounds.

I would thoroughly recommend Julie. She works wonders!  (for both the owner and dog).

Joyce, Daw Park



I had a very nervous miniature Dachshund which I had put on medication (vets advice) thinking that was the only option but after only two sessions with Julie's 'simple steps dog training' I have a much happier little dog and off the medication.

Thank you for your easy to follow instructions and encouragement.

Jenny, Burnside